We wish for you a season woven with moments of

COmfort, COntentment, and cherished COmpany.


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Elevate your party with a full buffet line as centrepiece. Treat your guests to an array of holiday flavours and aesthetics, in the most splendid moments of conviviality.

Price starts from

$29.88 /pax | $32.27 w/GST

Recommended for 30+ guests



Conveniently packed in microwavable trays for an easy hosting experience

A - $25.99 /pax | $28.07 w/GST

Minimum 20 pax 8 Dishes

B - $29.99 /pax | $32.39 w/GST

Minimum 15 pax 9 Dishes


Thoughtfully packaged in microwave-safe packaging to simplify your hosting experience

$388 /set | $419.04 w/GST



Pick from our selection of indulgent festive a la carte to craft your own holiday menu or add an extra festive flair to your existing menu.

Christmas Pull-apart Bread
Soft buttery bread infused with fragrant herbs shaped as a Christmas tree, a centerpiece perfect for sharing

$42.80 | $46.22 w/GST

Cheese and Charcuterie Box
A curated selection of gourmet delights, featuring brie, cheddar, emmental, smoked duck breast, nuts and dried fruits, fig jam and lavosh crackers

$108.80 | $117.50 w/GST

Holiday Christmas Sushi Platter
Festive assortment of sushi, served with gari, wasabi & shoyu

$88.80 | $95.90 w/GST

Hazelnut Chocolate Log Cake
Decadently rich chocolate meets nutty hazelnut perfection in a festive log cake

$98.80 | $106.70 w/GST

Yuzu Berries Log Cake
Zesty and berry-infused sensation rolled in a delightful dessert log

$98.80 | $106.70 w/GST

Chocolate Ganache Fudge Yule Log
Velvety chocolate fudge in moist chocolate sponge and crunchy pearls

500g $46.80 | $50.54 w/GST

800g $58.80 | $63.50 w/GST

Chocolate Banana Bread and Butter Pudding
Delectable fusion of rich chocolate and caramelised bananas, baked to perfection

$48.80 | $52.70 w/GST


Lemon Tart
A zesty burst of citrus sunshine, perfect to pair with hearty festive dishes

$108.80 | $117.50 w/GST

Pandan Grandeur w Calamansi
Luscious pandan spongelayered with indulgent coconut gula melaka mousse, gula melaka almond nougatine and refreshing calamansi gelee

$98.80 | $106.70 w/GST

Holiday Trio Petite Cakes
Delightful trio of mini cakes, zesty orange chocolate, earthy matcha azuki and rich red velvet

$48.80 | $52.70 w/GST

Salted Caramel Bread and Butter Pudding
Sweet-savoury harmony of salted caramel in a sumptuous bread and butter pudding

$48.80 | $52.70 w/GST

Traditional Bread and Butter Pudding
Timeless comfort in every bite

$48.80 | $52.70 w/GST

Gingerbread Cookies 
Delight in the warmth of the festive season, available in batches of 10, each a scrumptious treat on its own

$4.50 /pc | $4.86 w/GST

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Festive seafood creations for discerning modern

Salmon Wellington
Salmon loin with sweet mustard, sautéed spinach, wrapped in buttery puff pastry, served with greens and lemon caper cream

$99.80 | $107.78 w/GST

Creamy Seafood Boil
Crayfish, prawns, mussels, sausages, potatoes, and corn in white clam sauce, accompanied by homemade bread

$78.80 | $85.10 w/GST

Creamy Laksa Seafood Boil
Seafood in a fragrant spiced coconut broth

$78.80 | $85.10 w/GST

Barramundi en Papillote
Parchment-wrapped whole Barramundi atop Provencal vegetables

$78.80 | $85.10 w/GST

Mussels Marinière
Quintessential French holiday dish in vongole sauce with garlic and herbs

$59.80 | $64.58 w/GST

Diavolo Mussels
Mussels done Italian-style in spicy tomato- based sauce

$58.80 | $63.50 w/GST

Gambas Prawns
Succulent prawns bathed in a rich garlic herb rub

$78.80 | $85.10 w/GST

Cold Seafood Platter
A luscious ensemble of prawns, scallops, mussels, crayfish, snapper ceviche

$188.80 | $203.90 w/GST


Delightful way to savour the season’s best flavours, all in one convenient set

Garlic Rosemary Rotisserie Chicken / Honey Baked Chicken Ham / Chocolate Ganache Fudge Yule Log

$148.80 | $160.70 w/GST

Classic Grain-fed Beef Tenderloin Roast / Honey Baked Chicken Ham / Chocolate Ganache Fudge Yule Log

$188.80 | $203.90 w/GST

Classic Roasted Turkey w Chestnut Stuffing / Honey Baked Chicken Ham / Chocolate Ganache Yule Log

$268.80 | $290.30 w/GST

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A refreshing selection of delectable festive greens


An ensemble of festive meats and roasts for a hearty holiday meal



Give your guests a moment of personal indulgence amidst spirited festive parties with these curated individual full-course meals.


Chicken Cutlet w lemon sauce, Mixed Vegetables w Snow Peas, Gong Bao Fish Fillet, Fragrant Jasmine Rice

$8 | 8.64w/GST

Minimum 50 sets


Ayam Masak Merah, Breaded Fish Fillet, Sauteed Garden Vegetables Ngoh Hiang, Fragrant Jasmine Rice

$11 | 11.88 w/GST

Minimum 35 sets


BBQ Chicken Mid-wing, Deep Fried Dory w Mango Salsa, Buttered Seasonal Vegetables, Breaded Crab Pincer, Fried Rice w Crab Bites, Seasonal Fruit

$15 | 16.2w/GST

Minimum 25 sets


Crispy Chicken Drumlets, Thai-style Prawns, Mushroom Broccoli, Squid Fritters, Fried Rice w Crab Bites, Seasonal Fruit

$16 | 17.28 w/GST

Minimum 25 sets


Blue Butterfly Pea Rice, Ayam Panggang, Assam Fish Fillet, Stir-fried Long Beans, Otah Otah, Seasonal Fruit

$16 | 17.28 w/GST

Minimum 20 sets


Orange Cranberry Grilled Chicken, Honey Mustard Roasted Cauliflower, Festive Sausages w Onion Gravy, Italian Egg Frittata, Honey Chicken Ham Fried Rice, Dessert of the Day

$18 | 19.44 w/GST

Minimum 20 sets


Shrimp Creole, Sautéed Green, Beans w Garlic Butter Walnuts, Popcorn Chicken, Loaded Potato w Mixed Cheese and Bacon Bites, Marinara Penne Pasta Dessert of the Day

$19 | 20.52 w/GST

Minimum 20 sets

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