Complete your Experience with CaterCo

Apart from serving up delicious food, the settings, services and conversations are what make up the entire experience. Which is why at CaterCo, we’re committed to delivering unique and memorable experiences with every catered event - whether it’s a simple working lunch, or an elaborate large-scale party. 

As hosts ourselves, we know how much it takes to leave a great impression. And we want to help you do the same with our expertise in exceptional cuisine, thoughtful hospitality and one-of-a-kind experiences. 

With us, the unexpected can always be expected. So be ready for a food catering experience like no other.

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Events Catering

Delight your guests with exquisite food, impeccable service & glorious setup.


Institutional Catering

Freshly cooked, ideal for premises that require daily or frequent meals.


Cafeteria, Pantry & Facilities Management

Let our skilled and experience staffs serve your guests and manage the facilities

Food Catering Redefined

At CaterCo, we see dining as a complete experience. To us, the difference between a good meal and a great one lies in the details. And we’re all about the details. Even when we’re eating out of our lunch boxes, it doesn’t have to be the conventional catered food in plastic boxes. From specially crafted cuisines to thoughtfully designed packaging; from spectacular buffet setups to immersive events - you can always expect the unexpected from every catering service from us.

With a multitude of dining experience to choose from, it’s not just about serving up the full spread with buffet catering. Experiment with different food catering services to meet your needs. Use drop-off catering for an intimate gathering, provide a centre of interest with live stations and splurge on cocktail reception complete with butlers to take your guests’ experiences to the next notch.

Quality You Can Expect

Having pulled off events of various multitudes, CaterCo is your best partner when it comes to event catering. As a choice caterer in Singapore, we don’t only make sure that the food tastes good, we curate your event to become the talk of the town, leaving your guests satisfied, impressed and asking for more. From the aesthetics of the food to the set up and services at the venue, we have everything covered so you can be the spotlight from the start to end.    

At CaterCo, we co-create moments with each catering experience.