Committed to Sustainability

From our thoughtfully curated menus with delectable meat-free alternatives and ASC-certified seafood to our mindful serving sizes that minimise waste, every aspect of our service reflects our dedication to eco-conscious practices.

Meat-free alternatives

Experience our exquisite flavours with our thoughtfully-crafted meat-free alternatives. Our plant-based dishes cater to diverse palates, offering our plant-based, vegetarian and vegan friends a shared dining experience.
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Menu planning for sustainability

Encourage mindful eating by providing appropriate portion sizes to reduce food waste. Offering appropriate portions allows individuals to enjoy a variety of dishes without excess consumption, contributing to both health and sustainability goals.
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Earth-friendly serving ware

Elevate your event aesthetics while minimising environmental impact with our biodegradable ware. Depending on your event needs, take your pick from our range of earth-friendly serving ware, including cornware, bagasse, areca palm ware.
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ASC-certified seafood

Dive into the ocean of responsible dining with our ASC-certified seafood offerings. The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification supports sustainable seafood practices and helps in preventing overfishing and maintaining healthy marine ecosystems. Trust us to bring the freshness of the sea to your table, guilt-free.
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